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About us

Since I started planning the first excursions, back in 2006, I always had in mind that at some point I would like to develop this activity full time. For years I lived countless adventures in nature that made me discover the breadth and beauty of this region of Spain by visiting amazing sites. Today I have the opportunity to do something I love in a magical place like Cadiz.

Maravillosa Sierra de Cádiz – Andalucía

It is a project that excites me especially as it allows me to join several passions, outdoor activities, hiking, photography, birdwatching and especially for the opportunity to be in touch with visitors and take them to discover some of the secret treasures of our region, Andalusia.

Costa de la Luz – Andalucía

After finishing my studies as a biologist I have participated in different events and environmental education activities, migratory bird census and environmental volunteering activities. These opportunities, rewarding in every way, allowed me to meet outstanding people in the field of ecology who wisely knew how to convey the need and urgency to protect our environment. Today this is my main motivation and I will be happy to share with those who visit us a special day in nature.

Estrecho de Gibraltar – Andalucía

As the best way to protect and preserve what we love requires time to be known and valued, we are gradually creating a network of collaborators committed to the care of nature and we commit ourselves to take specific actions to compensate the impact of our activity.

Finca Fuente del Águila (Sierra de Cádiz)

With them we are carrying out an interesting project of restoration of agricultural areas and reforestation to recover the vegetation cover. The idea is to create islands of biodiversity that attract native fauna and soil regeneration after long periods of intensive crops.

Throughout the first stage of reforestation (December 21′- February 22′) we have planted 31 trees and shrubs typical of the Mediterranean forest. Our aim is to improve the structure and composition of the soil while creating a diverse and life-full vegetation cover on ecologically devastated land.

We plan to repeat this action each autumn to expand the reforested area and progressively offset the impact generated by our activity.

A percentage of each confirmed reservation will be allocated to this project. If you choose us you will be contributing to this initiative from which we all benefit.

Fundación FIRMM


Actively committed to the protection of cetaceans and their natural environment, the oceans. They are mainly engaged in research and environmental education.

We believe that this environmental education work is essential to achieve respect and protection of the oceans as well as the species that inhabit them, which is why we count on their experience and knowledge in some of our tours.

With a large experience in research and data collection in the Strait of Gibraltar, they offer visitors the chance to discover the wonderful marine world by boat.

The results of their research are presented in Spain and Switzerland, for example at conferences, associations, schools, etc.

Wildside Holidays

For those of you who are environmentally-conscious and enjoy being at one with nature, this could be the ultimate answer to your Spain wildlife holiday search. Wildside Holidays is an innovative website which aims to introduce nature orientated individuals to businesses offering specialized, environmentally aware, activity and nature holidays across Spain.

Take a trip on the Wildside! Discover the wildlife and nature of Spain, its Natural and National Parks and find the top wildlife, activity and walking holiday companies in Spain.

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